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Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Guardian Pest & Lawn provides an ongoing pest audit and control system that focuses on actual eradication.

We’re not here to serve as a band aid—a single hasty visit that treats the symptoms without solving the problem. With regular service inspections and customized treatments, we give you an increasingly pest-free environment and attentive protection throughout the year.

We’re here to fully obliterate your worst infestation and keep it from coming back!

There Is a Solution for Every Pest

You and your family deserve a safe and healthy home to gather, eat, sleep, and entertain at—without the incessant intrusion of unsanitary creeps.

At Guardian Pest & Lawn, we eat, drink, and breathe pest control. (Not literally, but you catch our drift.) We’re experts at the science behind your pest-and-products interplay and the essential strategies that will rid a home of deeply entrenched infestations.

Trust us to do all the research for you! We consistently study and implement the best pest control products available—all of which are green, organic, and the best science has to offer.

We’re here for you year-round, so call (801) 225-6000 today for any and all pest control needs.

Safe & Effective Pest Control That’s Guaranteed to Work

Before we adopt a specific pest control product, we look at two critical factors:

  • First, is it people, pet, and environmentally friendly?
  • And second, is it effective?

Seems simple enough, right? It’s actually less easy than you’d think. With hundreds of pest control products on the market, we’re tasked with applying a stringent, rigorous filter of criteria to ensure that only the absolute best make it past our scrutiny and into your home.

The vast majority of pest control products don’t see the light of day because they are either NOT effective or they are NOT people, pet, and environmentally friendly.

The good news is… those that DO make the cut and find their way into our arsenal are the carefully crafted, meticulous formulas that work. These are the products we bring to the table, and these are the products that will fortify your home from unwanted pests.

Guardian Pest & Lawn uses the most advanced products and treatment procedures on the planet to prevent and remedy any pest problem. As you might imagine, these products don’t come cheap. But as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Because they yield the most cost-effective results, our Utah pest control technicians use them in our arsenal while still keeping our treatment services very affordable.

What to Expect from Your Treatment

Our initial clean-out is the most thorough and complete pest control service you will ever experience. After the first assessment, we treat the inside of your residence using a low-pressure applicator around the inside door threshold areas and along the baseboards, cracks, crevices, and window areas of every room throughout the home—including unfinished basements.

Once we complete your inside treatment, we begin the exterior treatment by looking for signs of activity such as spider webs, wasp nests, and ant trails—sweeping them clean as we go. We then inspect, treat, and seal openings around utility lines such as water, gas, cable, and air conditioning lines.

Second, because many homeowners have shrubs, bushes, flowers, and mulch around the perimeter of their homes, and because granular pest products penetrate these areas better than liquid, we apply a granular pest control in these areas to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment. Following this, we treat the critical threshold areas of your home that are often overlooked by other pest control companies. These include the eves, soffits, foundation walls, and the ground—effectively creating a solid pest barrier around the entirety of the home.

Once Guardian Pest & Lawn eradicates any existing pest infestations, we keep your home pest-free with ongoing inspections and exterior treatments that maintain the protective barrier. As a result, we rarely need to re-treat the interior unless a pest is spotted. However, should you need an additional indoor treatment, please call us to receive one at no additional cost.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s been protecting homes for over a decade and our roots are right here in Utah—we’re not a larger regional branch.

For effective pest control in Utah, call (801) 225-6000 or contact us online.

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    Informative and Helpful

    “Guardian has been a great pest control service for us!”

    - Whitney K.
    Awesome Technicians

    “He is very polite and professional and does a great job.”

    - Jon S.
    Very Professional Atmosphere

    “Been receiving treatments for Years.”

    - Randee S.
    Above & Beyond Service

    “He goes above and beyond and ALWAYS makes sure I feel happy and safe with the treatments.”

    - Hailee F.
    Professional and Friendly

    “Tyler was awesome when setting up the visit while going over what it covered very well.”

    - John S.

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