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Rat Control in Utah

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Finding a rat running through your home or pantry is likely every homeowner's worst nightmare. Not only do you have to now figure out how to catch it, but also you need to know how it got inside in the first place. At Guardian Pest & Lawn, we can help you with both issues. With over 15 years of local experience, we've refined our skills and become a trusted Utah rat control company. Our technicians can help trap and remove any rats and block their entrance to ensure a long-term solution.

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Do You Have a Rat Infestation?

Outside of seeing a rat running around your home, most homeowners will only notice traces of their presence. However, rats are a common issue for homeowners throughout the Utah area.

Knowing how to identify a rat issue is key. Common signs include:

  • Gnaw markings or holes on walls and food packages
  • Small droppings or urine odors
  • Rat holes or burrows in baseboards or outside of your home
  • Scampering noises behind walls or in attics

It's also important to pay attention to your pets. More often than not, dogs and cats will both react to a rat behind a wall or in an attic, which can alert you even if you don't see any of the signs above.

How Can They Impact Your Home?

The biggest concern of a rat infestation in your home is how quickly it can progress. Rats breed rapidly, so what was once one rat can turn into a few hundred in a matter of months.

Not only is it an unsightly issue, but also it can lead to other problems, including:

  • Home damage: Rats are known to be able to bite through just about anything. That means electrical wiring, insulation, walls, wood framing, and pretty much anything getting in their way. This can lead to extensive repair issues down the line.
  • Health concerns: The biggest concern is always going to be a rat's impact on your health. They can carry deadly diseases like Leptospira, a bacterium that can make its way into your food and water, or Weil's disease, which also stems from contaminated water.
  • Food contamination: If a rat is entering your home, it's likely looking for food. You may not realize they've been in those snack bags and cereals when you serve yourself a bowl. This is exactly how food and water contamination occur.
  • Pet harm: Outside of harmful diseases and bacteria, rats also carry fleas and ticks, which can lead to another uncomfortable outbreak for your pets.

Professional Rat Control Experts

Although many homeowners may resort to rat poison, it's not always the best option. Not only does it pose a risk for pets and your family if they accidentally ingest these pellets, but also if a rat dies in a hard to reach area of your home, like your attic, you could be opening yourself up to odors and other issues. Instead, let our Utah rat removal experts help.

Not only do we offer free no-obligation quotes for your convenience, but all our technicians are also highly qualified and QualityPro certified, which means you're getting the best service around. Our methods are detailed and extensive, and we always take the time to identify the source of the rats and ensure they're removed completely.

Also, with our Home Defense plans, you can easily enjoy four seasons of service and year-round protection against those furry pests.

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