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Why Do I Need Your Service Year Round, Especially in the Winter?

Home In Snow

Many new challenges arise in the cooler months, including rodents and pests. Pests are similar to humans in that they prefer warm, dry locations during Utah’s cold winter months. During the fall months, as the days and evenings begin to cool, a wide variety of insects and other arthropods seek warmth and shelter. This behavior is known as over-wintering. These over-wintering insects and arthropods enter homes and commercial structures through cracks and crevices and do so to survive Utah’s harsh winters. These unwelcome guests become active when the temperatures outside reach 60 degrees or when the inside of the walls are heated by solar radiation on sunny days (even when the temperatures outside are below 40 degrees). We have developed programs, treatment techniques, and procedures specifically designed for the winter months… designed to eradicate over-wintering pests.